Meet the Manifesto Makers who helped create All Things Equal

Two people stand in pools of projected light
Image: Rebecca Smith

Meet the four creatives who worked behind the scenes to help create Urban Projections’ audiovisual installation.

This week saw the world premiere of Urban Projections’ (Rebecca Smith) installation at Depot Mayfield. Soundtracked by Loraine James, with spoken word from Princess Arinola Adegbite, the event marked the opening of Submerge Festival 2022!

As part of the creation process, four creative minds supported all parts of the process. From conceptualisation to the ins-and-outs of the technical design and install.

“It’s been fascinating to learn about the project as a whole, from how Rebecca approached the brief in the first place and experimenting with ideas in her studio, to seeing the concepts brought to life at the tech day at Adlib. We normally only see the end result of other people’s artistic process, so it’s been enlightening to see how things develop and change along the way. I’m very excited about seeing it all come together – and hoping I can get started on my own light-based projects very soon too!”

– Louisa

Working in Rebecca’s studio the creatives became familiar with the technical elements and of the voluminous, light-focused installation. They also got a closer look at how it would feel at full scale with a session in Adlib’s studio.

“Having this opportunity has encouraged me to be an independent VJ and projection mapper. I have my first solo gig in April and have been developing an idea with a local sound system. I wouldn’t be doing either of those things without the opportunity provided by Brighter Sound and the skills and confidence I have got from working with Urban Projections.”

– Michelle

We’ve loved following their journey through the process and look forward to seeing what they do next! You can find out more about the Manifesto Makers here: