Blood Williams

A white man with a moustache and curly blonde-brown hair sits on the floor, wearing a white tshirt with a smiley face. The image is tinted yellow.

Blood Williams

Clean and filthy, yet dark and bubbly, their sound has been described as both a nauseating wink and a warm middle finger.

Berlin-based US-Born, Blood Williams creates all-encompassing multi-sensory unique works which are full of intimation from all aspects of 21st-century media and conceptual art; ranging from Sophie to David LaChapelle, Janine Antoni to Evian Christ as well as Detroit artists like Jimmy Edgar. Both clean and filthy, dark and bubbly, the garishness yet refined sound is both a nauseating wink and a warm middle finger.

Taking an approach more akin to the way a painter composes his canvas, Blood Williams uses sound staging to visualise music, creating depth and exploiting the negative spaces that remain. Live, the explosiveness of the finely crafted individual musical elements creates an eccentric and intense sonic atmosphere that engulfs the audience with unaccommodating gracefulness.

‘Brain Wash Moisturizing Cleanser’ Blood Williams’ debut EP is the perfect example of the wealth of inspirations drawn and of the diverseness of music the artist is able to forge together to create a coherent body of work. Each track individually standing, yet every one based on contemporary cultural shifts “…fucking up the system looks different now to the way it did 30 years ago.”.

Michigan native, Blood Williams found inspiration from an early age in the music so well associated with the city of Detroit. Performing early in his career alongside the likes of Terrance Parker, he learned to diversify his sets and to be versatile to his surroundings. After moving to Berlin in 2016 the honing of the sound we hear today really began.

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