Girls Don’t Sync

The DJ collective Girls Don't Sync are pictured over a set of decks

Girls Don’t Sync

All-woman DJ collective with unstoppable energy, playing high-energy Dancehall, Garage & Funky blends.

Girls Don’t Sync (Matty Chiabi, G33, Sophia Violet and Hannah Lynch) exploded onto the scene is 2021, making their name running up dance floors all over the country with their high energy Dancehall, Garage & Funky blends. As a community promoting safety, inclusivity, and fresh talent, Girls Don’t Sync carry love on their wings as they’ve flown across the UK in recent months. Establishing themselves in Liverpool and since venturing to London and Manchester, they show no signs of slowing down.

The all-woman DJ collective came together to collaborate and create parties with unstoppable, undeniable energy. They all hop on and off the decks, ensuring the crowd is hyped from the moment they set foot in the venue. Determined in their passion for making dance spaces more inclusive, they make noise when they need to and trust that they know their worth. And, with their USB sticks in hand and headphones slipped over their ears, they’ll make you realise your own too.

Girls Don’t Sync have worked relentlessly to nurture their community. Not playing as if on a higher level to their crowd, they are one with them. They are friends to their dancers, supporters to their siblings in the crowd, and an inspiration to up-and-coming DJs. Their own roots are firmly set in their love for music and celebration, empowering everyone who two-steps into their energy field.

“There’s no better feeling than playing out to people who sing and dance to the music you select, but being able to do that together, as genuine mates, there’s no feeling like it.” – Girls Don’t Sync

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