Jade Blackstock

A black woman with her hair in a bun stands infront of a tree branch, which is covered in sticky black fluid.
Image: Still from video. Videography by Baiba Sprance and Marco Beradi

Jade Blackstock

British-Jamaican performance artist whose work explores racism, feminism, classism, and loss.

Jade (B. 1993, Birmingham, UK) explores conversations between inner/outer, bodily/material worlds, and how these are informed by historical, cultural and personal experiences. She looks at Afro-Caribbean traditions, myths and materials that articulate and resist ongoing colonial systems. Her work seeks to highlight how the body, material and space have shared capabilities of transferring and embodying collective pasts or memories, which bears importance in our understanding of selves and each other. Themes of race, feminism, ownership, class and loss are present in her work.


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