Shrek 666

A person in white prosthetics and white body paint is tied inside a white cross. They are seen in a leafy landscape, next to a person in black latex.

Shrek 666

Shrek 666 is the embodiment of an ogre, finding delight in camp horror and medieval manuscripts.

SHREK 666 (Daemon Clelland) is the embodiment of an Ogre. Crafted through a background in visual arts and years working in and around nightlife, a SHREK 666 performance can be anything from VR/360 video theatre, a hardcore MC live set, installation based performance, bloodletting and camp horror.

Focussed on the body’s potential to transcend, Daemon views the ogre or monster as abject in its physicality – no longer metaphor or nightmare, but a body against binary structures and social criteria of normality. Performing the monster to a level of realness is a practice of exorcism. Each presentation negotiates visions of perception, fear, and power. More intimate works explore the connection between alternated consciousness through Experiences of pain, play, and voyeurism.

SHREK 666 is reactive, making queer worlds to peek inside, jump around and feel. He is influenced by his trans-ness, science-fiction, post-humanism, fetish, medieval manuscripts, and escapism.

SHREK 666 has toured around the UK and Berlin, and has recently worked with American composer, singer, and songwriter Danny Elfman.

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