Tammy Reynolds

Artist Tammy Reynolds wears a yellow swimsuit and black lipstick. They are holding their finger to their mouth in a shhh gesture.

Tammy Reynolds

Singing, dancing, and piss-drinking live artist, exploring an intersection of identity.

Tammy Reynolds is a reluctantly London-based performance artist who really doesn’t like writing bios but finds themselves constantly writing bios because they do not like the bios they’ve written in the past. They’re a dwarf and queer and use their alter-ego, Midgitte Bardot, to fuck about. They’ve had a lot of funding from different folks over the years now so unwise people may expect a certain level of professionalism which is something Tammy has never promised.

Tammy doesn’t know why artists are expected to write about themselves in third person so they’re gonna stop now. I explore intersections of identity, being a queer dwarf who is trying to subvert the notion of midget leads me down some interesting and sometimes lonely roads. Sometimes there’s a pot of gold at the end, sometimes it’s a bed. I think about how dwarf bodies and in turn other ‘freaks’ exist in spaces built without them in mind, or to actively exclude.

I don’t have a website (yet, ew) but I have an instagram (@midgittebardot) and you can see the all singing, dancing, posing, crying, ‘piss’-drinking Me there.


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