Thick & Tight

Two white performers sit on a wooden bench in black formal dresses and high heels. Daniel wears red lipstick and a necklace. Eleanor wears a blond wig like Princess Diana.
Image: Judita Kuniskyte

Thick & Tight

A mix of dance, mime, theatre & drag, taking influence from a wide range of historical figures.

Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry have been working as Thick & Tight since 2012 after training together at Rambert School. They began by making small scale work at pub theatres and gay pubs and have gone on to present their shows at high-profile venues such as Sadler’s Wells and Barbican (for London International Mime Festival), Southbank, the Royal Opera HouseBritten Pears ArtsTate BritainThe PlaceTate Liverpool Wilton’s Music Hall while maintaining a focus on presenting their work in socially engaged contexts such as LGBTQ+ venues, family festivals & charity fundraisers.

Thick & Tight has ongoing relationships with Duckie (legendary LGBTQ+ club night and alternative community events) and Corali Dance Company (UK leader in dance by artists with a learning disability).

Based in ballet and contemporary dance techniques, their choreographic style is intricate, distinctive and musical, incorporating elements of queer performance such as drag, lip-syncing and camp humour, with a close relationship between movement & design. Their work is currently and continually investigating a range of LGBTQ+ issues and figures, current queer culture and its link to dance. At the heart of their practice they develop their choreography, storytelling and teachings in relation to these issues with a hope to keep developing positive narratives within the dance ecology & beyond.

Internationally their work has been presented at a variety of arts festivals including Stockholm Fringe (Sweden)Klovnbuf International Festival (Slovenia)Sydney Fringe (Australia) & Lucky Trimmer (Germany).

Thick & Tight often work with students, teaching, lecturing and choreographing new work for them; they have worked with Rambert School, London Contemporary Dance SchoolEdge Hill UniversityNorthern School of Contemporary Dance and Laban to study and create new work which reflects their artistic research & interest in the potential of dance as a political art form with the power to create positive social change.

Thick & Tight are currently supported by the Lowry as part of their Developed With programme, and are delighted to be bringing their work to the region again for Submerge Festival.

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