Chapeltown Picture House

Chapeltown Picture House

Independent cinema giving a screen to cult classics, genre masterpieces, documentaries, and more.

An independent cinema screening cult classics and genre masterpieces, documentaries, sing-alongs, festivals, Q&As, and the odd new-ish release. If it’s a great film then they’ll screen it!

Chapeltown Picture House host events of all sorts; comedy, spoken word, acoustic gigs, DJ performances, live podcast recordings and much more. They also have one of the best gaming set-ups in the UK, hosting game launches, tournaments and developer/industry events.

CPH is based inside GRUB so before your screening you can grab some of the best street food around, check out their social media feed to see who is cooking on the day you’re heading in.


Chapeltown Picture House has:

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50 Red Bank, Manchester, England, M4 4HF, United Kingdom