A wooden room with a coffee bar in the middle. There are stools around it and cakes in cake stands on the counter top.


SEESAW is a Manchester City Centre shared workspace breaking down barriers between work and play.

Born out of a desire to cultivate and support Manchester’s creative community, the concept for a space to work, learn and play with like-minded professionals came from a group of creatives who share the same passion and motto: love what you do. Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re creating things with people you admire. You achieve your best creatively and in business when involving others with skill sets that complement your own in an environment that you enjoy.

Three Manchester creatives – Philip Hannaway, David McCall and Atul Bansal – joined forces with the owners of 86 Princess Street to see what could be possible by creating a community in a transformed warehouse space. They are joined by the creative talents of Caroline Boyd, Katy Morrison, Jeff and Rhian Charlwood. Bringing a wide range of creatives across every discipline into the space as founding members, creatives informed the vision and possibilities of SEESAW on a physical, emotional and business level. It’s a living concept owned by everyone.


SeeSaw has a pavement outside with a curb. The building has a flat entrance but has 3 steps at the foyer. There is a disability lift next to the stairs. There are 3 lifts in the building, 2 of which go down to the basement. There are accessible toilets on every floor.


86 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG.