Response: Mike Pony


Submerge 2016: Fathoms

The sound of water dripping. A man takes a deep breath and plunges his face into a small circular bowl of water. A huge circular laser lake emerges. A pond, a well, an ocean? We slowly zoom into that water. We dive.

A dark place, somewhere under the surface. Cold all around. Ice. Slowly moving blue searchlights looking for the body (bodies). Angry voices, marginalised voices.

Your own funeral, a church. The circle is now red and sits upon the altar. The sea bed. Clay, blood. The voices are louder, but also more distant and harder to understand.

Bodies in a morgue. Darkness. A solid block of ice, like a tomb or a coffin. Total darkness and swelling, otherworldly sound.

Light. Ascending. The bodies in the morgue are moving, perhaps coming back to life. The birth of the universe. Can we start again?

What is left? The morgue is now dark and empty. Overwhelming sound. A long dark tunnel (another circle). British flags. A man floats face down in a swimming pool. Perhaps the same man from the beginning. What happened here? Will everything just continue to go round, in a great big circle? Do we learn from our mistakes?