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Milla Koistinen

A white woman with brown hair and a green shirt stands against a brick wall. She is looking at the camera.

Finnish choreographer whose work straddles dance and performance art.

David Hoyle

Performance artist and Manchester’s very own, David Hoyle performs with biting satire, bravura costumes, wicked comic timing and compelling charisma.

Luke Nickel

Award-winning Canadian audiovisual artist, virtual roller coaster designer and independent researcher.


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist who writes surreal and fantastical electronica and electro-acoustic music.

Lola de la Mata

French/Spanish conceptual sound artist whose practice centres around tinnitus, chronic illness, and AI personal assistants’ use of a ‘neutral’ female voice.

Alwynne Pritchard

Composer focused on exploring the relationship between musical expression and the human voice and body.

Robert Reid Allan

Scottish composer, pianist and activist exploring radically interdisciplinary creative methodologies.

Samuli Laine

Scenographer, performance maker and member of the W A U H A U S arts collective and Reality Research Center.

Sara Leghissa

Italian artist whose practice takes place mainly in outdoor public spaces, using common materials that are readily available on a principle of ecology of resources.

Azara Meghie

Multi-disciplinary artist working with live art and film, poetry, breakdancing and theatre.