All Things Equal Urban Projections & Loraine James

A white woman in a black jumper and blue jeans stands in a pool of white light and haze.
Image: Rebecca Smith

A large-scale, immersive audiovisual installation by Urban Projections and Loraine James

A large-scale, immersive audiovisual installation by artist Urban Projections (Rebecca Smith) and “genre-splicing genius of British electronic music” Loraine James created to mark the launch of a bold new manifesto for gender equality in music.

The Submerge and Brighter Sound commission All Things Equal represents a shift in equilibrium. The audiovisual installation uses dream-like architectural shapes and forms to address a rebalance, exploring ideas of parity, and how we reach that point of change.

There is an acute sense of tension and harmony felt throughout, from beautifully transcendent moments of calm and reflection, to chaotic and sometimes disorientating mechanical swells.

The installation features a new spoken word commission by Princess Arinola Adegbite aka Bitez, and is available to tour from April 2022.

“Behind the bolted door is an exploding meteor, at the end of the hall ocean splashes onto the shore”



In the process of creating this work, Urban Projection (Rebecca Smith) shared skills and knowledge with four female artists interested in exploring a shift in their work towards digital practice. The result is a beautiful and otherworldly experience that speaks to the importance of change and recognition and supports the development of a new generation of creative women working in tech.

“I really hope that we can inspire a new wave of female and non-binary artists to feel confident in using technology to express their creative ambitions and to understand that their potential should never be limited.”

Rebecca Smith


Co-produced by Brighter Sound and Submerge.
Artwork by Rebecca Smith (Urban Projections)
Music by Loraine James
Spoken word by Princess Arinola