CTRL (Creative Technology Research Labs)

A person's middle torso is seen in darkness. They have a white top and long braids. Fibre-optic lights are entwined into their braids and light pours from their fingers.
Image: Jana Rumley

A development programme for artists to learn skills in creative technology performance, immersive experience making, and digital creation tools. 

CTRL (Creative Technology Research Labs) is a 6-month pilot artist development programme co-produced by Submerge and The Lowry. Creative technology is the intersection of new technology and the creative industries; examples of artistic practice include technology enhanced performance, interactive installations and immersive experiences.

Through this programme Submerge and the Lowry are supporting 14 artists who are under-represented in the sector to learn from inspirational creative technology artists, gain new skills and knowledge, connect with local and national artists and organisations, and start to develop ideas for the creation of new creative technology performances and immersive experiences.  

Between January – July 2023 and selected artists will take part in:

Selected artists receive:

Through CTRL we want to invest in the digital and creative technology artists of the future, identifying, inspiring and building relationships with a new cohort of creatives based in Greater Manchester who are interested in developing innovative, new live experiences using creative tech.  

“The CTRL platform is a step towards ensuring that artists from all backgrounds can experiment with the technology that continues to change our lives, work and art. By introducing some of Manchester’s most exciting performance artists to the potential of new creative technology and digital practices, I hope we might demystify the immersive arts, and inspire the cohort to create arts and culture experiences that challenge and question the world we live in.”

Mike Pony, Submerge.

CTRL is co-produced by The Lowry and Submerge and supported by Arts Council England.