Diving Deeper into Tara Transitory

Trans nomadic explorer colliding gender and performance

Tara Transitory offers us a trip from Berlin to Chiang Mai as a trans, nomadic,
explorer thematically colliding gender and performance. Using samples gathered
through field recording, and sounds from her controller and microphones, Transitory
allows her body to interact with the beat, amplifying the process of making sound in
the here and now.

“Marginalized bodies produce marginalized sounds to communicate things that
escape language.”

Sounding Out!

For her performance at Submerge, she is working with Nguyễn Baly as
Nguyễn+Transitory. They approach sound, synthesis, and performance from a
postcolonial, intersectional feminist angle. The sounds they create drive out-of-body
experiences for the audience; a ritual where the unity of body and self dissolves.

Don’t expect a club and a DJ. This work, performed installation style, converts the
space into a chrysalis for contemplation of Southeast Asian
queer existences and histories. The performance becomes a metamorphic
experience for all.

The music is hard to define, but easy to connect with – emphasising that the need to
define each other is irrelevant.

Be enchanted by her ethereal performance at Loco Klub, Sat 9th March from 23:00
Submerge Nights 2: Tactile Sound