Bassline Circus + MHz

Bassline Circus + MHz

Crew of circus/music/visual artists and riggers notorious for their circus-meets-the-dancefloor experiences.

Baseline Circus are a core crew of 4 with a large pool of circus/music/visual artists, riggers, builders, organisers who join the team for specific projects .

Founded in 2001, and present every year since with a new production at major UK and European festivals, Bassline Circus is notorious for its authentic circus-meets-the-dancefloor experience.

The company has grown from a travelling collective of performers, creatives and organisers with its own Big Top touring show, through programming+managing large-scale venues with immersive décor and performance at music events to creating large-scale spectacular outdoor shows.

Baseline Circus currently focuses on creating smaller, high skill touring productions that continue to harness Bass music’s raw energy -with circus to match- alongside a new generation of physical, sonic and visual performers, who remain invested in the underground ethos of the original crew.

2022 Programme

A citywide festival of innovative performance, music and creative technology presented over two weekends in March. Learn More