Info (2019)

Image: Bex Anson

Submerge 2019


In a year fraught with conflict, our 2019 theme is Belonging. The programme questions what it means to belong, what happens when objects, people and communities fracture; and how you bring them back together. We believe that we are stronger when we focus on the things we have in common; not the things that divide us. The festival presents a broad mix of visceral, emotive and immersive artworks and experiences that embrace the diversity of the arts and bring communities together to gather, experience and reflect on what it means to be part of something bigger.

The Journey

The programme is designed as a journey, enabling audiences to experience all of our shows, events and experiences successively. You can choose to experience as much or as little as you like. We encourage our audiences to take risks, step into new worlds and enter the unknown. If you need a helping hand choosing your path, our events can be loosely defined as follows:

Shows: Ticketed performances in theatres, galleries, music halls and underground art spaces.
Installations: Drop in immersive installations or exhibitions.
Nights: Late night events and parties in bars and clubs combining digital arts, DJs, AV shows and live performance.
Talks & Labs: Presentations, workshops, demonstrations, panels, meetings and artist interviews.


Submerge events are individually ticketed, allowing you to curate your own journey. Tickets are available from the Tickets page.


Please contact us with any questions about access. Many of our venues are accessible, however some of them have quirks to be aware of. We’ll do our best to meet your needs where possible, let us know how best we can help.