Bristol based artist with a futuristic drenched-in-dread aesthetic and unhinged take on soundsystem & club music

Ossia’s sound world is an amalgamation of heavy-weather, beyond-good-and-evil soundsystem poetics, channelling raw and rootical techno, isolationist abstraction, and dub at its most turbulent, raw-nerved and space-time-warping.

Through running a range of record labels and being a member of Bristol’s Young Echo Sound, he has amassed a wide knowledge and in-depth understanding of music that informs his own skewed, futuristic drenched-in-dread aesthetic and his unhinged take on soundsystem & club music.

Following a run of 12″ releases for Berceuse Heroique, Blackest Ever Black and a selection of his own labels, his debut album ‘Devils Dance’ sees a return to Blackest Ever Black – channelling tail-thrashing dancehall pressure and art-of-darkness ambience and introspection.

Presented in partnership by Submerge and Qu Junktions at The Brunswick Club

‘He uses dub’s lack of song form to open a space for experimenting with abstract sounds, anchored by a control of tension and release that shows his awareness of the ebb and flow of the dance. Yet the dynamics of his music are unhinged compared to the tightly controlled levels of dance music. Screeching echoes jump out of the speakers, pushing listeners out of comfort zones’ – Resident Advisor

‘2018’s wildest dub ride’ – THE WIRE


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