Submerge Talks: Artist in Residence – Tammy Reynolds

The artist Tammy Reynolds wears a blond wig, orange dress, red feather bower and pink sunglasses. They are holding a microphone and a children's doll.
Tue Jun 14 - 7:00pm

Submerge Talks: Artist in Residence Conversation – Tammy Reynolds & Rosana Cade

Artist Tammy Reynolds is joined by Rosana Cade for a Q&A on their ongoing research project “Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping”

Submerge Festival 2022 artist in residence Tammy Reynolds is joined in conversation by artist and mentor Rosana Cade, for an online conversation exploring the ideas in their ongoing project “Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping”.

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This artist to artist conversation will include candid insight into the perils of making autobiographical art, along with a discussion on the ideas and discoveries that emerged on their recent London residency.

“Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping” was a Submerge 2021 one-to-one performance micro-commission. The piece uses the artist’s experiences of supermarket shopping as a person with dwarfism to begin a conversation around privilege and Ableism; the conscious or unconscious discrimination against the disabled community.

Tammy is interested in exploring the supermarket as a site of art-making, protest, and change;

“It’s a political act to leave the house for a disabled person, especially a physically disabled person. I would say that the things I’m doing aren’t vulnerable, but they’re vulnerable because of the body that I have. The reason why the things that I write do seem vulnerable is because they are probably coming from a deeper place of vulnerability because I’m being pushed there by society.”

– Tammy Reynolds

See more of Tammy’s work here

Find out more about Rosana’s work here


No specific age recommendation.


This event will take place over zoom, with auto-generated captions and BSL interpretation.


This Submerge artist in residence opportunity has been co-supported by Goethe Institut London.




This event will take place on the World Wide Web!

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