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Untitled – Emilyn Claid

An older white women is seen laying on a stage. She kicks her lick in the air, and wears an extravagant headpiece which looks like the brances of trees.

In her first solo work in 20 years, Emilyn Claid welcomes the fears of endings, teasing with what it means to bow out, the irony of living in an old body and what’s real and what’s imagined.

Shared Spit – Submerge VS Spit Festival

A silver metal chain on a pink background is soaked in frothy spit

Vienna’s SPIT queer art festival partners with Submerge to co-curate a wild mix of Vienna and
Manchester’s most interesting queer performance artists.

Submerge Talks: Artist in Residence – Lydia L’Scabies

Artist in residence Lydia L’Scabies is joined by artist and mentor Joss Areté for an online conversation exploring Lydia’s ongoing project; “House of Trauma!”

Ten Commandments – David Hoyle

A light-hearted antidote to the rat-infested dystopia in which we currently find ourselves, combining a captivating stage performance with lacerating social commentary.

Will You Marry Me? – Sara Leghissa

A site-specific and temporary public lecture exploring disobedience, complicity and public resistance.

Nurture – Samuli Laine

A one-to-one performance investigating the politics of care, gender and coexistence through the act of breastfeeding.

Submerge Labs: In Residence – GÆRALD

Artist in residence GÆRALD develops material for their new show X ! (un opéra fantastique) with Manchester practitioners, performers and activists.

Submerge Talks: Jumbie – Toni-Dee Paul

Toni-Dee Paul unwraps some of the key themes in Jamal Gerald’s Jumbie.

Festival Launch: All Things Equal – Rebecca Smith + Loraine James

A large-scale, immersive audiovisual installation marks the launch of a bold new manifesto for gender equality in music.

Cakes Da Killa (Live)

A late-night club show of hip-house and electronic dance music from Brooklyn’s Cakes Da Killa.